Regardless of whether you want to start small or have multiple business units at the start, ConSol CM provides not only the right solution but also the pricing model to match your situation. We would be happy to create an individual offer for you on request.

  • ConSol CM Features**
  • English/German Support
  • Interfaces to REST-API
  • Testserver
  • Integration customer portal
  • Storage
  • Number of users
  • monthly fee per user
  • ConSol CM Professional
  • 10 GB
  • 5
  • EUR 34,-*
  • ConSol CM Enterprise
  • Most popular edition
  • 100 user incl.
  • 70 GB
  • unlimited
  • EUR 49,-*
  • ConSol CM Unlimited
  • upon individual agreement
  • unlimited
  • on request*
* Not included: efforts for consulting
** In the interest of clarity an excerpt of available ConSol CM features within the scope of a technical standard installation are listed here. ConSol CM sales team would be happy to inform you about the complete product portfolio. Please feel free to contact us!


CM/Business Intelligence

Provide data-driven improvement to your processes. The public and documented data structure of the ConSol CM Data Warehouse can be connected to any standard Business Intelligence (BI) tool, such as using the open source software Pentaho. 


Simply take ConSol CM along. In addition to the most important processing functions, additional features ensure convenience for mobile application, such as barcode scanning using photo hardware or the option to make calls directly from contact data. 



CM/Resource Pool

CM/Resource Pool

CM/Social Media

CM/Social Media


Integrate customers and partners directly into business and communication processes. Registered users can open their own processes, follow them or search for solutions in the FAQ. This frees up your service team.

Rest easy with our 360° services
for your software


Your processes are as unique as your business. In ConSol CM, you create your specific data models and processes to fit and you can adapt them at any time as needed.


More customers, a new business sector, increasing amount of data—ConSol CM grows with you. This is also true if you want to add an entirely new process to the system.


The process-guided ConSol CM GUI takes the user by the hand. It simplifies training, minimizes the error rate and promotes fun at work.


Thanks to the open interface design and state-of-the-art interface technologies, ConSol CM offers outstanding integration flexibility. In any IT environment.

Ready in no time

You can get up to speed with ConSol CM in just a few weeks. This is amply demonstrated by our short project durations. Our projections use hours and days instead of months and years.


ConSol CM lets you effortlessly work in compliance with applicable standards. All information and process steps are documented in the system. Everything is auditable and transparent. Your auditor can enter into the picture at any time.


The reports and analyses in ConSol CM provide a sound basis for decisions critical to success. They give you security, particularly when things have to move quickly.


The processes available in ConSol CM ensure maximum efficiency and quality. They reliably guide the user to the solution, regardless of how many parts need to interact to make it happen. All of the steps are reproducible.

The product ConSol CM

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