ConSol CM QM software lets you get the most from your business processes while automatically assuring your quality. The best conditions for certified quality management. The software provides the components right out of the box.

Bringing quality management to life

ConSol CM QM software reliably guides employees through processes and instills quality management as an intrinsic part of the company culture—including documentation. This reduces error rates. And allows you to verify that all standards have been met at all times.

Measuring and increasing process quality

Sales, production, service – ConSol CM quality management software links processes to the appropriate departments. This creates transparency. And the data foundation for continuous process improvement. This allows flexible integration of new standard requirements or additional regulations.

Building trust

A seal of approval makes your high quality standards visible for all to see. This conveys reliability, creates trust and opens up new business opportunities. A foundation for long customer relationships, because the ConSol CM QM tool lets you constantly increase your quality.

9 out of 10 users agree that quality management with ConSol CM runs virtually "by itself".

Engine for quality assurance and organizational development

Working through processes is half the battle towards dependable quality and continuous improvements. ConSol CM integrates all business-critical processes across departments and maps them in one centralized location. The high user-friendliness of the QM software quickly brings and keeps your employees on-board. In addition, ConSol CM supports the establishment of certified quality management systems (QMS) that meet applicable standards thanks to seamless documentation and traceability. This is because all process steps are stored in the system with associated data and documents using an auditable approach. This lets you specify all supporting documents necessary as part of an audit in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 or other standards and regulations at any time.

200 companies around the world utilize
ConSol CM. 20.000+ users satisfy over 2M customers.


It was important to us that the software matched our processes and we didn't have to distort our processes because of a lack of flexibility in the software for properly mapping them.

Dr. Bernhard Baehr,
Quality Management, Gutenberg Rechenzentrum

We also plan on integrating the analyses that we can create with ConSol CM into our quality management. This allows us to undertake continuous improvement of our products and services in relation to our customers. We consider ConSol CM to be a key investment in the future of our company.

Michael Rödlach,
Head of Team Systems, NÖVOG


ConSol CM lets you effortlessly work in compliance with applicable standards. All information and process steps are documented in the system. Everything is auditable and transparent. Your auditor can enter into the picture at any time.


The process-guided ConSol CM GUI takes the user by the hand. It simplifies training, minimizes the error rate and promotes fun at work.


The processes available in ConSol CM ensure maximum efficiency and quality. They reliably guide the user to the solution, regardless of how many parts need to interact to make it happen. All of the steps are reproducible.


More customers, a new business sector, increasing amount of data—ConSol CM grows with you. This is also true if you want to add an entirely new process to the system.

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