Move into the fast lane. ConSol CM sales management software provides you with a panorama of your customers and with reliable guidance through your processes. This gives you more room for your core task: Sales.

More sales

Acquiring customers and building loyalty require knowledge. And time. ConSol CM sales management software provides you with a panorama of your customer, from sales history to payment information, at the click of a button. This puts you right in the center of everything and gives you the room to develop your customers.

Achieving targeted success

Follow-ups, appointments, customer communication: ConSol CM provides proactive guidance through your specific lead management and sales processes. From first contact to contract signing. This gives every lead the attention they need at the right time for success.

Networking marketing channels and processes

Integration gaps and the silo mentality are things of the past. The ConSol CM sales management tool allows all sales channels to work closely networked together in one system, whether they are channel partners, call centers or part of the field sales team. The best conditions for efficient processes and sound reporting.


40% higher closing rates are achieved by ConSol CM users in sales management.

Cockpit for the entire sales cycle

From first contact to signing a contract and beyond, ConSol CM supports value creation in your marketing and sales team using individually defined CRM processes. Lead management, opportunity management and key account management (KAM) are also covered, in addition to all workflows relating to quotation costing, quoting, internal job assignment and invoicing. ConSol CM also allows flexible pairing between customer support and service as well as partner management. This means you can handle all activities related to customer acquisition, customer loyalty and customer recovery with just a single piece of software. High-performance BI and reporting tools help you make the right decision at all times and make your success more measurable.

200 companies around the world utilize
ConSol CM. 20.000+ users satisfy over 2M customers.


The CRM software from ConSol makes it possible to see the big picture thanks to its scalability and flexibility, while also allowing a manageable start where you can cover subsequent requirements step by step.

Stefan Mauer,
Head of Business Development, KYOCERA Document Solutions Deutschland GmbH

ConSol CM lets us clearly follow along with the sales process from start to finish. Both our partner and our own employees can tell at a glance who is responsible for which lead and which phase a lead is in. ConSol CM enables a sales-oriented solution in every respect.

Thomas Heidbreder,
Head of ITK Sales Support, ALSO Actebis


The process-guided ConSol CM GUI takes the user by the hand. It simplifies training, minimizes the error rate and promotes fun at work. 


The processes available in ConSol CM ensure maximum efficiency and quality. They reliably guide the user to the solution, regardless of how many parts need to interact to make it happen. All of the steps are reproducible.


Your processes are as unique as your business. In ConSol CM, you create your specific data models and processes to fit and you can adapt them at any time as needed.


The reports and analyses in ConSol CM provide a sound basis for decisions critical to success. They give you security, particularly when things have to move quickly.

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