Task management cockpit for the tough challenges. ConSol CM software gives you a clear picture of all your tasks and projects, letting you set the right priorities, consistently meeting every challenge on down the line.

Staying on target with task management

Win praise with perfect project management! ConSol CM task management software brings efficiency to your task organization and guides each of your employees reliably through their tasks with all the necessary information at the right moment. You can always keep an eye on the current status.

Setting the standards

ConSol CM keeps everyone working together in the same task management tool. This saves time and reduces frustration because project teams exchange information seamlessly and utilize the effects of synergy. This prevents sources of friction and ensures high, uniform quality.

Continuous improvement

Refine your approach to task management improvement potential! Which projects finished up very quickly? And which ones ran into hangups? Analyses and reports in the ConSol CM software provide a complete overview of your tasks and make them comparable.


91% of all users prefer working in task management with ConSol CM.

Say goodbye to post-its

Put an end to endless to-do lists and using post-its to manage work! ConSol CM task management software is your digital workspace for task organization, task management and task tracking in event and project management. The state-of-the-art tool brings safety and transparency to team collaboration, including across departments and locations because all work steps are clearly defined and documented at a central location. Reminder functions ensure that no task is overlooked. This eliminates the need for time-consuming coordination work and unnecessary inquiries. You can also adapt workflows extensively as needed, such as if potential for optimization arises or requirements change. 

 200 companies around the world utilize
ConSol CM. 20.000+ users satisfy over 2M customers.


Overall, ConSol CM promotes efficient work, conserves human resources and helps employees focus on their core tasks.

Ralf Peter,
Head of ICS Services & Support, TNT Innight

Thanks to the scalability and flexibility of the software from ConSol, we can quickly and professionally implement complex challenges without spending an arm and a leg. The outstanding, individualized support from ConSol is another critical success factor!

Johannes St├╝rzlinger,
BSc Project Manager, NTS New Technology Systems GmbH


The process-guided ConSol CM GUI takes the user by the hand. It simplifies training, minimizes the error rate and promotes fun at work.


The processes available in ConSol CM ensure maximum efficiency and quality. They reliably guide the user to the solution, regardless of how many parts need to interact to make it happen. All of the steps are reproducible.

Ready in no time

You can get up to speed with ConSol CM in just a few weeks. This is amply demonstrated by our short project durations. Our projections use hours and days instead of months and years.


ConSol CM lets you effortlessly work in compliance with applicable standards. All information and process steps are documented in the system. Everything is auditable and transparent. Your auditor can enter into the picture at any time.

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