The ConSol technology portfolio – Focus on key IT-related issues

Innovation cycles of modern IT products are growing shorter by the day. But which new solutions actually deliver long-term benefits for your company? ConSol is constantly assessing the latest market trends as it seeks to help IT and technology managers make the right decisions for the future. Our specialists offer a wide range of expertise in all of today’s key IT-related issues and have extensive experience in implementation. ConSol seeks to deploy new technologies in a way that delivers the maximum benefit to companies.

Optimizing and safeguarding IT operations

Our portfolio places a strong focus on technologies that enable companies to improve the flexibility, reliability, and efficiency of their IT infrastructure operations. For example, powerful virtualization and network technologies make it easier to adapt IT systems to meet growing demands. Moreover, our real-time monitoring solutions allow you to keep a constant eye on the performance and availability of your systems.

Bringing together technology and business

As an IT service provider with proven consulting and software engineering expertise, we implement IT solutions that fully meet the individual business requirements of companies. To this effect, ConSol employs database, middleware, and enterprise technologies from Oracle and EAI, BPM, and event processing software from TIBCO. We also develop customized business applications based on Java EE for our clients.

Gaining an edge on the competition through innovation

We recognize key IT trends like big data, mobile apps, and in-memory data grids early on and analyze the potential and practical benefits they provide. Our team of specialists advises companies on specific options for deploying new concepts and helps them gain an edge on the competition. As part of this process, we prepare customized solution strategies and professionally implement them so that companies immediately benefit from what they have to offer.