Big data consulting: Use your data more efficiently

Big data is one of the essential IT trends and will remain a key technology for years to come. However, companies must overcome tough technical challenges before they can benefit from this trend: Traditional system platforms cannot cope with the ongoing multiplication of data. They can neither process the ever-growing data volumes nor can they deliver the required retrieval speed. As a consequence, new technologies are needed to store and analyze data:

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As a consequence, new technologies are needed to store and analyze data:

  • Fast storage systems, e.g., based on SSD devices
  • Flexible IT environments with the capability of responding in a load-dependent manner, for instance, by using CloudForms and OpenStack
  • NoSQL databases such as JBoss Data Grid or MongoDB for rapid data storing
  • A powerful software framework to allow for efficient processing of large data volumes – e.g., Hadoop
  • Analytic skills to evaluate data
  • Business intelligence (BI) to visualize results, e.g., using Pentaho
  • Safeguard your systems with cutting-edge, customized security technologies

ConSol is able to fully satisfy all these new technology needs. Partnerships with Cloudera and RedHat allow us to map the entire software stack. Our big data experts will then utilize these technologies to deliver tangible business benefits to you.

ConSol – Qualified partner for big data consulting and in-memory data management

ConSol provides comprehensive advice on big data scenarios and the technology of the future, in-memory computing. Java is one of our strong suits thanks to our extensive expert know-how related to data grid and caching solutions. Our highly experienced big data consultants are familiar with all key in-memory platforms including Terracotta, Ehcache, Infinispan, and Hazelcast. If required, they will combine them with other technologies for storing and analyzing data, such as Hadoop, NoSQL, or the Pentaho business intelligence software. The mission is always the same: develop comprehensive solutions for successful big data applications.

Our consulting services:

  • A practical take on big data: How can you tackle the challenge of analyzing vast data volumes from a technical point of view to benefit from the insights gained? We illustrate possible application scenarios – from market evaluation through to the ‘Internet of Things.’
  • Efficient data management using in-memory technologies: We consult you on the various in-memory technologies and perform an assessment to determine which parts of your environment stand to benefit from them.
  • Powerful holistic architecture for big data: Find out how a perfectly harmonized, all-encompassing architecture can help you to analyze data with maximum efficiency, from data collection all the way to evaluation.