Business intelligence: Improved success based on data analyses

Make better decisions and rapidly identify new market trends. This all is possible with the right business intelligence solution. Companies that systematically evaluate electronic data gain invaluable insights in how they can optimize their business processes. For example, business intelligence solutions can help them reduce costs, minimize risk, and identify new market opportunities. New technologies for analyzing vast amounts of unstructured data, i.e., big data, open further options for evaluating corporate data. We will show you how you can make the most of this opportunity for your business.

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ConSol points the way to the right business intelligence strategy

Companies of various industries trust in ConSol’s* expertise when it comes to business intelligence (BI). We put our extensive IT and process know-how to use to support you throughout all stages of your BI project:

  • Set up a data warehouse: After discussing your requirements, our specialists will plan and implement a centralized database that can be filled with data from multiple source systems.
  • ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) process: We extract all data required for analysis, transform them to a unified data scheme, and bundle them in the data warehouse for evaluation.
  • Data mining: We provide powerful data mining tools for the systematic evaluation of your collected data. In addition, we provide advice on which analysis methods are best suited to your business.
  • Reporting and visualization: From ad-hoc reporting to developing individual management dashboards: We help you present the results of your analyses in a clear and meaningful manner – for example, by showing KPIs as graphical charts.

We implement BI strategies using leading commercial and open source-based solutions, including SAP Crystal Reports, Pentaho, SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), Kettle, and Mondrian. Our NoSQL database and in-memory computing know-how means we are more than up to the task of providing answers to challenges related to big data. With our support, customers are able to quickly analyze even vast amounts of data and draw valuable conclusions to optimize their business.