Database solutions from ConSol: Stay in control of your information

How can you efficiently manage the rapidly growing flood of corporate information while at the same time speeding up access to digital data? This is a key challenge IT decision-makers are faced with when planning their database strategy. Our technical experts help you find the right answers. Whatever your choice of architecture – relational, object-relational or non-relational – ConSol develops database solutions custom built to perfectly meet your IT and business needs.

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Proprietary software or open source?

Our experts are intimately familiar with all leading commercial and open source-based database systems, including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. In addition, we have deep know-how of non-relational concepts (NoSQL), which allows us to address new application scenarios in the areas of big data, cloud, and Web 2.0.

Efficient, fast, and secure – Tailor-made database architectures

We tackle every database project by first taking a look at the customer’s existing IT landscape and analyzing their priorities: Is the main goal to manage large volumes of data at low cost? Does the customer focus rest on reliable transaction processing and top security? Or is rapid read access the most important database feature? In consultation with our customer, we devise a solution that best satisfies all requirements.

We feel at home with complex database projects

Profit from the know-how our experts have gained in numerous large and complex database projects. References include the migration of a database for number porting at British Telecom and the design, development, and rollout of a cross-departmental database solution for BMW’s internal cloud.

Our database services:

  • Analyze individual requirements
  • Develop an overall architecture
  • Recommend suitable database software
  • Support the hardware selection process
  • Configure the database and user interfaces
  • Test compatibility with existing systems
  • Acceptance and handover
  • Operation and support up to 24/7
  • Database monitoring