DevOps – Bridging the gap between development and IT operations

In our modern day and age, smooth business operation is dependent on reliable, high-availability access to business applications. However, interaction between development and IT operations is not always as seamless as it should be – for instance, problems can occur when implementing a new release. Tailor-made DevOps concepts from ConSol help you resolve these issues and streamline collaboration between these two departments.
Continuous integration helps you to improve the quality of the software, while reducing development costs. Benefit from proven strategies we put to excellent use in our own company to harmonize our development and 24/7 operations.

Why DevOps?

DevOps is a method that aims at removing communication barriers which exist between those who develop and operate IT applications. Quite often, there is a ‘wall of confusion’ that separates these two units within organizations. This may result in the development team creating applications without considering usability aspects, while the operations team may hinder successful development by withholding feedback. Such a setup is certain to run counter to smooth operations.

The ConSol portfolio – DevOps in action

DevOps is part of the ConSol unique concept that derives from its portfolio. ConSol offers all services from a single source for the entire application lifecycle, from software design and implementation right through to 24/7 operation. The key focus of ConSols DevOps strategies rests on optimizing release management and facilitating a smooth transition process from development to live operation. Agile development processes in particular require IT organizations to set up an agile rollout process. We demonstrate to companies how they can lay the organizational foundations for seamless cooperation and provide them with the right tools to bring these concepts to life.

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Our emphasis:

  • Comprehensive consulting on integrating development and operations
  • Continuous integration based on tools such as Jenkins and Bamboo
  • Continuous delivery using Artifactory, Nexus, Docker, and other tools
  • Automate tasks typically related to the release process
  • ConSol enterprise IT and process consulting services: Analysis, consulting, and process design for an agile rollout process
  • Efficient configuration management using tools such as Puppet, Chef, and Salt

This is how your company can benefit from DevOps:

  • Increase in quality, maximum availability, and stable operation of business-critical applications
  • Faster provisioning of innovative applications and new releases
  • Improved communication between development and operations
  • Joint responsibility for results rather than mutual ‘finger pointing’
  • Tangible return on investment (ROI) thanks to automated processes and improved agility