Docker - Make your software development process independent from platform and environment

The open source software Docker is everywhere right now. Its virtualization technology can make the software development process independent from platform and environment. For one, Docker can be used to run integration tests that are both independent and completely self-contained, but also high-performance. Secondly, Docker enables a seamless transfer of applications from development to the production environment. The application containers created by development can be shipped directly to production. This prevents ‘works on my machine’ syndrome. With Docker, the containers, rather than application artifacts such as WAR or EAR files, are shipped through the continuous delivery pipeline so that they ultimately reach the production environment.

Since Docker was launched in 2013, ConSol has been continuously expanding and communicating its expertise, including at conferences (Docker Meetup, JBoss OneDayTalk, W-JAX 14, and upcoming at JavaLand 2015 and JAX 2015) as well as in a technical article for the german Docker special issue. Benefit from the experience of our ConSol experts.

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Our Docker services

  • Migration Migration of existing infrastructures to a Docker-based infrastructure
  • Integrating Docker in the development process
  • Docker-based tests of applications with Sakuli

The following products/technologies play a key role

  • Docker
  • Orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes
  • Cloud services with Docker support, like Amazon EC2, Google App Engine, OpenShift