EAI and SOA: Integrate your applications based on a service-oriented architecture

The corporate IT applications must be perfectly harmonized to effectively support all business processes. This is why enterprise application integration (EAI) is a key item on the agenda of IT decision-makers. EAI initiatives aim at bundling the functions of heterogeneous applications to create an efficient and seamless process landscape. Service-oriented architectures (SOA) build on this concept and provide a platform for linking existing applications in an easy and flexible manner. This improves the business agility of IT departments, empowering them to quickly react to new challenges. Our experts will demonstrate to you how your company can profit from EAI and SOA.

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Improved agility thanks to flexible IT

ConSol supports companies all the way on the path to introducing a service-oriented IT architecture, from developing individual interfaces through to implementing a company-wide SOA strategy. We will put our extensive technical know-how and experience gained in countless complex projects to best use for you. Depending on the concrete application, we will draw on technologies such as J2EE, REST, SOAP, or JSON to enable simple and rapid data exchange among the various systems. Our SOA concepts are designed to provide maximum security for sensitive data from the very start.

Faster ROI with SOA solutions from ConSol

Our customers’ business requirements are at the core of every integration project. It is our mission to build a solution that interconnects all applications and processes. We do so by transforming application functions into services that can then be freely combined at any time. This flexible way of orchestrating individual IT services allows you to quickly map changed business processes. Moreover, reusable services and standardized interfaces reduce the complexity of IT, helping you to reduce operating costs. Our holistic approach facilitates rapid implementation of SOA projects and a quick ROI.

Our SOA and EAI services:

  • One-to-one consulting on application implementation models
  • Design and implement service-oriented architectures
  • Migrate existing concepts
  • Provide documentation for the developed interfaces and components
  • Handover to operations
  • User and administrator training
  • Operation and support up to 24/7
  • SOA environment monitorin