HTML5: A new standard is revolutionizing the Web

The new HTML5 Web markup language will completely alter the look and feel of websites over the coming years. Many functions and applications that previously required plug-ins can now be implemented directly within HTML. Developers thus gain many new options for designing more interactive websites and integrating multimedia content. However, companies need to think about how they intend to go about migrating their existing content to the new standard. ConSol helps you tackle to this challenge.

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Let ConSol guide you to the future of the Internet

Our experts are at home with the technical specifications of HTML5 and the design options offered by the new CSS3 stylesheet language. We are involved in numerous projects to help companies port and upgrade their existing websites. Typical challenges include multi-platform support for different end devices, migrating multimedia content, as well as making the new version downward compatible with older browser releases.

Rely on our know-how to take your website into the future and implement new interactive applications to retain your online customer base and attract new visitors. And while we are at it, we will also ensure that mobile users will be able to conveniently access all of your Internet sites.

Our HTML5 services:

  • Support migration and porting projects
  • Design and program the new websites
  • Responsive design automatically adjusts the display to the connected end device
  • Accessible design
  • Develop interactive applications based on HTML5
  • Create the required documentation and descriptions
  • Monitoring solutions for Web infrastructures
  • Operation and support up to 24/7