IPv6: How to successfully adopt the new Internet protocol

As IPv4 address allocation is coming to an end, companies will have to adjust their networks to the new IPv6 standard over the next few years. The changeover to the next-generation Internet protocol will bring several major advantages, in particular as regards security, economy, and manageability. However, this change will impact nearly all areas of IT and therefore needs to be prepared with great care. ConSol helps you migrate to IPv6 as smoothly as possible.

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Migrating to IPv6 step by step

We advise you on all technical and organizational aspects you need to watch out for when introducing the new protocol standard. Which components and applications in your network are already IPv6 compatible? Which areas do you need to upgrade to get your environment ready for the future? And where might it make sense to run mixed operations for the time being? We analyze your infrastructure and work together with you to draft an individual migration roadmap.

Take advantage of the benefits offered by the new Internet standard

Our experts provide assistance even with complex questions or scenarios. For instance, we can show you how to optimize connections to mobile devices using Mobile IPv6 or how to use multihoming to make the Internet connection of your IPv6 network failsafe. We also bring you up to speed on the various address allocation methods and illustrate how you can use DHCPv6 and IPv6 auto configuration to your benefit.

Overview of our IPv6 services:

  • Develop migration concepts
  • Identify possible migration risks
  • End-to-end solutions for setting up new IPv6 networks
  • Infrastructure planning from the ISP to the client
  • We support your hardware selection process
  • We help you get your internal network structure ready for IPv6
  • Migration support when moving to a different provider
  • Employee training