Mobile business apps and application development – Mobility for your enterprise applications

The future is mobile. Smartphones and tablets have been firmly established as serious pieces of working equipment for some time now. Mobile business applications provide instant access to the data in your enterprise applications and allow you to collect new information on-site. Which means you can make quicker decisions and respond more specifically to the current requirements of your core business as well as increase customer satisfaction.

Our developers with their project experience are familiar with the business processes and specific challenges of your ‘mobile’ departments as well as the latest technology in order to best ensure this outcome. They design tailor-made JEE applications and clients and implement them in high quality, always with focus on aspects such as security and performance.

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Our services for more mobility:

  • Development of enterprise mobile business apps: Mobile clients for your enterprise applicationsA tablet client for your sales employees? Should customer care services be able to access your ticket system via smartphones? We develop mobile clients for your enterprise applications so that it is possible to access the data on your systems from smartphones and tablets and work with it at all times.
  • iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and multi-platform: Customized development for your target system
    We develop your mobile client to be a perfect fit for your target system, regardless of what type of smartphone your employees work with. If necessary, we can also craft an OS independent HTML5 browser app with responsive design that is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Customer portal and point-of-sale (POS) applications: Closer to your employees, closer to the customer
    Should your customers be able to see the status of their service query on the Web? Do your globally-active vendors need to be able to locate and process customer data in real time? We develop the right Web client and tailor-made user interfaces for you and provide support with respect to granting rights in tricky circumstances.
  • Rollout and security: Entering the mobile age with a cool head
    We develop and operate software for you. Because of this, we are comfortable with all aspects of release planning, rollout processes, and continuous delivery. We have been living and breathing DevOps for more than 30 years now. We are happy to provide advice on enhancing your security guidelines and the asset management of mobile devices and the applications installed on them.
  • Testing, maintenance, and support: Interdisciplinary expertise for better synergy
    We ensure the highest level of code quality through continuous automatic testing (Citrus) – even during the application development stage – and we test applications for their interface conformity with other applications. As an IT provider, we are happy to assume responsibility for the maintenance and operation of your solution and guarantee maximum availability. We can also analyze problems at short notice and implement system enhancements. Our German-speaking support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.