Red Hat Enterprise products: Consulting, implementation, operation and support

Red Hat Enterprise products bring you the best of two worlds: the flexible and rapidly growing open source community as well as the stability and support that only an enterprise solution can offer. Users benefit from highly robust solutions with certified safety features and long maintenance cycles of at least ten years. This winning combination is one of the key reasons why more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies run Red Hat Enterprise Linux platforms in their productive IT environment. Reliable, modern products such as Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, the high-performance OpenStack Framework, and management tools including CloudForms make for a well-rounded infrastructure stack. Also consider the advantages of Red Hat JBoss Middleware, which allows you to scale applications according to your needs and integrate them into your existing IT landscape. Leverage our know-how to make the best use of this powerful open source platform for your business.

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ConSol delivers extensive open source expertise

Our technical specialists have been working with Unix-based operating systems for many years and are well connected to the vast community of Red Hat Enterprise product developers. We offer high-quality support in planning your software releases and implementing solutions precisely tailored to your business needs. Of course, we also offer support of your ongoing IT operations – simply choose the one of our seven support packages that provides the level of support you and your customers need, up to 24/7. Numerous companies running their business-critical applications on Red Hat Enterprise products already draw on our know-how and services.

Our Oracle software services

  • End-to-end planning of your system environment
  • Support the hardware selection process
  • Install and configure your custom software
  • Integrate existing concepts and application packages
  • Develop new solutions based on your individual requirements
  • Perform testing and reconciliation with existing systems
  • Handover and rollout
  • Provide operation and support service with customized coverage up to 24/7