Solutions for an event-enabled enterprise – TIBCO and ConSol

TIBCO is a global leader in infrastructure and business intelligence software and a key technology partner for ConSol in the areas of enterprise application integration (EAI), enterprise messaging, and complex event processing. We are a TIBCO consulting and reseller partner of many years’ standing and employ a large team who specializes in products such as TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks, TIBCO EMS, and TIBCO Business Events.

ConSol combines specialized TIBCO know-how with proven expertise in software engineering that allows us to also carry out complex projects. Our specialists have already completed a number of challenging enterprise integration projects on the basis of the TIBCO platform. One such example is an enterprise service bus for middleware integration in the system environment of customers, including O2 Germany and M-net.

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Our solution portfolio includes the following TIBCO products

  • Enterprise application integration: TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks
  • Enterprise messaging: TIBCO Enterprise Message Service
  • Business process management (BPM): TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM
  • Enterprise monitoring: TIBCO Hawk
  • Complex event processing (CEP): TIBCO BusinessEvents

Our TIBCO product services

  • TIBCO engineering: Planning and implementation of innovative enterprise solutions based on the TIBCO platform
  • TIBCO consulting: Architecture consulting, process analysis, and troubleshooting
  • TIBCO project and release management: Continuous delivery and automation in the area of build and configuration management, deployment, and quality assurance
  • Citrus as an open source test framework for automatic integration testing for TIBCO solutions