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Build it once, but build it right!
As a rule, many tools and processes are required in the lifecycle of a software product. Often, each team uses a different solution. The better way to do it is to have just one platform – for standardized and high-quality solutions in the project.

Dev Speed is King
Nothing works without IT anymore. Fast and agile software projects are indispensable if you want to thrive on the market. With a platform, you create the right environment for your engineers to work effectively and efficiently and focus entirely on their core task.

Platform Engineering: Everything for Your Team!

As AProject EngineerI Want...

  • a reliable project platform with cloud-ready solutions for the needs of our projects.
  • my platform resources to be provided and managed in self-service.

That way, I can... be sure that the project development will be fast, effective and agile.

As ASite Reliability Engineer I want...

  • my platform workloads to be highly available from day one.
  • to use the latest observability features to monitor my workloads.

That way, I can... be 100% sure that my workloads are reliable.

As anIT Governance ManagerI want...

  • all workloads, data and the data traffic on the platform to be inherently secure.
  • the platform to automatically enforce adherence to my company's compliance requirements for all projects.

That way, I can... rest assured that all the platform projects meet our quality standards.

As aChief Information OfficerI want...

  • to provide a platform that increases the productivity of my projects, and that my engineers like working on.
  • to have a master plan for planning and executing the platform building and development process.

That way, I can... help improve the time-to-market of our company's software projects.

Platform Engineering in Brief

What is a Platform?

In platform engineering, a platform is a foundation, on the basis of which project teams can execute software projects quickly, effectively and economically.

What does a Platform Involve?

A platform comprises multiple well-integrated services that the team can provision and configure in self-service. The actual services are based on individual needs, but the projects should find everything they need. Typical services are CI/CD frameworks, automated deployment-staging and compliance validation.

Who Benefits from Platform Engineering?

Every role in a software project has its own needs, and benefits in its own way. See the following section: "Everything for Your Team!"

Our Platform Engineering Services for You


Project Enablement

The decisive benefit of a platform: the performance of software projects. Platforms offer project teams everything they need to make processes quicker and easier – without cognitive overload. That way, you can focus all your energies on what really matters: your project!

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Platform Reliability

It has never been so easy to run software like Amazon, Google and Apple even with limited means. The platform architecture lays the foundation for reliable software. Highly available deployments, rollout processes and ingenious observability features are essential in order to be and remain highly available.

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Platform Governance

They are unpopular and rarely work well: manual compliance processes. Modern platforms enforce compliance rules automatically. Security features are active out-of-the-box. Software that doesn't keep to the rules is rejected automatically.

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Platform Building

There is a lot to think about when building up a platform; a lot of framework conditions to keep an eye on; many expectations to meet. We help you lay the decisive foundations and find your personal masterplan for building a software platform.

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Platform Engineering: Technologies & Competencies

Kubernetes is Our Strategic Platform

As the basis for a platform, Kubernetes gives you access to an ever-growing ecosystem of high-quality solutions. And it gives you independence and scope when selecting an operating model – whether on-premise, public cloud, multi cloud or anything in-between.

GitLab is Our Chosen Agile DevOps Framework

Much more than a secure and convenient platform for managing your source code, GitLab provides an integrated, closely coordinated toolset of features to support your agile workflow. It's our go-to solution for source code management, CI/CD, and Dev Collaboration. We are happy to assist with setting up GitLab environments on-premise on multiple platforms.

ElasticSearch is the Centerpiece Of Our Observability Platforms

ElasticSearch (and its open-source fork, OpenSearch) is utilized in a multitude of our log aggregation and tracing systems. Its diverse capabilities in terms of operation, data flow control, high availability, and data security make it the right solution in many environments. We provide support for system planning, setup, configuration, and integration.

Google Cloud
SUSE NeuVector
HashiCorp Vault

Stay Ahead of the Competition


Manageable IT – Even in the Cloud

A well-coordinated platform gives you the required oversight and centralized solutions. Cognitive overload in the cloud journey is a thing of the past. Make use of the cloud benefits!


Happy Engineers, Who Stick Around

Cloud and automation architects, SRE and DevOps engineers and ops teams – they can all focus on their project goals without constantly having to think their way into various individual solutions.


Our Comprehensive Carefree Package for You

Sit back and take a load off! We love making your IT even better than it already is. And we have extensive project experience in all fields of platform engineering.


Fast Time to Market

Smooth interplay of all tools on one platform, separated hard and software. That's how automation and your release process succeed. That's how you remain competitive.


Collaboration Made Easy

All teams and roles work with standardized tools on one and the same platform. That's how collaboration really thrives throughout the entire software lifecycle.


Reliance on Compliance & Security

Automate everything – the credo in platform engineering. That makes sure you are on the safe side with project requirements or a cloud-compatible security strategy.

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