Software Architecture
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Highest quality, technical excellence and practical expertise are our standards – complex software systems are our specialty. Customized, functional, continuously developable.

Whether we develop new individual software for our customers or take over existing (old) systems and gradually transfer them into a modern software architecture. A software’s success is closely linked to its architecture.

A solid software architecture is the foundation for long-term success. At ConSol, we develop customized solutions for your use case from a wide-ranging technology stack to make your software future-proof and high-performing, ready to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Christoph Ehlers
Head of Custom IT Solutions



Your requirements point the way: Our approach and the technologies we use, are tailored precisely to your application and your system during development.


Agile & Reliable

We develop modern software that works – agile and structured. With frequent tests we not only ensure our software’s quality, we also create the conditions for its continuous evolution.


Thinking Ahead

Software is never "finished". It should adapt dynamically to the requirements. Proven methods such as modularization and test automation will continuously develop your software architecture.

Selecting the wrong methods and technologies can turn out expensive, and sometimes even terminate the project.

With more than 40 years of experience, we support you in important software architecture decisions and help you modernize entire system landscapes. So your software will also master future requirements as well – always ensuring a consistently high quality.

Software Architecture
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