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Software development without automated testing? Inconceivable today. Whether using traditional or agile methods, only with a high level of automation can you cost-efficiently ensure that in the end not only the new functionalities work well, but also the legacy processes.

Just as complex as test automation itself are the various demands – from automated unit-tests through to entire CI/CD environments. ConSol assists you on your road to a fully automated release process, with years of experience and best practices.

Test Automation - The Benefits for You


Enthusiastic Software Testers

With automated tests you free up resources and space for the next feature. That makes software testing fun and eliminates the potential for frustration. They fully automatically deliver reliable and reproducible results for better software quality.


Software Tests Increase Sales

The earlier an error is detected, the less damage it causes. Automated tests help eliminate bugs before the software release. That guarantees the stability of the software, the satisfaction of your customers and rising sales.


More Efficient Development

Development step by step: Software tests created once can be repeated anytime. That makes short feedback loops possible in the development process, and ensures that new changes do not have a negative impact on existing product functions.


Fewer Errors, Higher Quality

The later an error is discovered, the more it impacts the quality costs. Automating testing speeds up error recognition and saves a lot of time compared to manual tests. Time that can then be used to develop, for instance, high-quality features.

Automating tests significantly improves the process of developing software. Automated software tests are faster than manual ones and deliver fast feedback. And they are repeatable and reproducible. So they quickly pay dividends, especially with high-maintenance products.

Why you should automate your software tests

Expertise Throughout the Entire Test Pyramid

Don't leave the success of your software to chance. Go with ConSol's years of expertise and know-how for your ongoing quality assurance. You expand your build pipeline with our open source test automation concepts. With them you can go-live faster and secure your business value for the long term.

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Test Automation Technologies in Action

Apache Camel
JUnit 5
JUnit 4
Apache Zookeeper
"To test the implementation of the interface during the project in a realistic scenario, M-net used the Citrus test framework. We are pleased that the introduction has worked so well during operation. This can also be attributed to the good cooperation between the customer service and IT departments as well as the process and quality management departments and the IT service provider ConSol. "
Alexander Hauswald
Head of IT Development and Enterprise Architect at M-net
"The ConSol Citrus test framework is a highly flexible and powerful tool for meeting the high performance-requirements crucial to success in the smart metering environment. Citrus enables us to perform fully automated performance, load, and integration testing in large, complex message-based SOA applications. Automated end-to-end use case tests guarantee us continuous quality assurance."
Horand Krull
co-owner of Bittner+Krull


Samuel Pabst

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