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Generative Artificial Intelligence opens up new technological possibilities for companies to develop innovative products and services, future-proof business processes through automation, and gain competitive advantages. However, the implementation of these new technologies raises many questions: Which products, methods, and tools are the right ones? What IT resources and expertise do I need? What must be considered in terms of data protection and security?

Rely on our open-source and cloud expertise and take advantage of our services in selection and planning, deployment and operation, as well as the further development of a tailored Large Language Model (LLM) for you. Based on our IT infrastructure and software development experience, we also develop, implement, and operate RAG applications (Retrieval Augmented Generation) for your specific use case, ensuring that you can utilize your internal company data as efficiently as possible in your applications.

GenAI – Fully Automated, Context-Based Answers thnaks to KI


Efficiency Gains

RAG and AI offer much more than a full-text search: Minimize your time spent on research and data analysis, and receive precise answers and well-founded decision bases in no time.


Open Source in AI

We leverage leading open-source LLM platforms such as Llama 3 and Mistral. This approach saves you licensing costs and keeps you flexible, no matter what you plan to do with your LLMs.


Competitive Advantages

The professional use of LLMs and RAG enables you to respond swiftly to market changes and introduce innovative services in no time.


Comprehensive Expertise

Rely on nearly four decades of experience in IT infrastructure, software development, cloud and virtualization technologies, artificial intelligence (AI) and IT consulting.

We support companies in their digitalization efforts with tailored IT solutions. That's why we now also offer comprehensive services around AI & GenAI. From implementing your open-source LLMs to developing RAG applications using your own private data.

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