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You excel in your competitive landscape through efficiency – and now you want to enhance your performance further with an innovative solution? Are you looking to enrich your services with information from your extensive data repositories and generate fitting answers more swiftly? Your data treasures are waiting to be unlocked for research and development with the assistance of advanced AI models? Maintaining complete control over your data is paramount to you? Utilize the power of Large Language Models (LLMs) based on open-source platforms in your business processes to, for instance, generate texts and translations or respond to customer inquiries.

With ConSol Open Source LLM Enterprise, we offer you customized services for implementing and managing your own Large Language Models (LLMs) in the public or private cloud. We start with a joint analysis of your specific use cases, support you in technology selection and resource planning, and design a scalable and robust infrastructure for your LLMs, such as on AWS, Azure, or in your private cloud with Red Hat OpenShift. Following this, we proceed with installation, configuration, and data integration, all in close collaboration with you. If needed, we also handle the necessary data protection and security measures, as well as the operation and technical support of your LLMs, and provide training for your team.

LLM AI: Accelerated Innovation with Proprietary Open Source LLMs


Innovative Power

We assist you in integrating advanced AI technologies sensibly and securely into your everyday business operations – a strong foundation for new business models and innovative services.


Cost Efficiency

We rely on leading Open Source LLM platforms such as Llama 3 or Mistral. This saves you licensing costs, maintains flexibility, and allows you to scale at any time – regardless of your future plans for your LLMs.


Transparency and Flexibility

The open-source code enables your R&D to understand the internal mechanisms of the deployed models. Your LLMs can be optimized or adapted to changing requirements at any time.


Data Sovereignty

Maintain full control over your data and AI models at all times! Custom LLMs not only enhance the quality of AI-generated output but also ensure your independence from third-party providers

Combine your Open Source LLM with a RAG application and pave the way for new AI-based business models and services! Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) combines the power of AI-driven text generation with efficient retrieval of information from heterogeneous and sensitive enterprise data sources. This results in secure applications that provide informed answers in specific use cases – whether as a chatbot in customer support, a shopping advisor in an online store, or a research assistant.

ConSol RAG+ combines decades of software development practice with the new possibilities of generative artificial intelligence. We guide you from the initial idea to the implementation of your customized RAG domain application with integrated Open Source LLM – and beyond. And you can continue to evolve your AI world step by step with us.


GenAI with ConSol: Our Strengths – Your Benefits


Agile and Customer-centric

With the target solution always in sight, our DevOps teams preferentially develop your GenAI solution in an agile manner, in short sprints, and in close collaboration with the key stakeholders in your organization.


Open-Source Enthusiasts

We have been immersed in various open-source frameworks for decades and are well-connected within the communities. In the field of AI, we rely on established LLM platforms such as Llama 3 or Mistral.


Cloud Competence

To provide a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, we specialize in Red Hat OpenShift, AWS, and Azure. You benefit from our corresponding partnerships.



Trust in our comprehensive expertise gained from over three decades of project experience in IT infrastructure, software development, cloud and virtualization technologies, artificial intelligence, and IT consulting.

We support companies in their digitalization efforts with tailored IT solutions. That's why we now also offer comprehensive services around Generative AI. From implementing your open-source LLMs to developing RAG applications using your own private data.

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