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You want to purposefully leverage your company-specific – sometimes sensitive – data repositories for automated information retrieval and decision-making? At the same time, you aim to harness the power of AI-driven text generation to streamline your processes and realize innovative services and business ideas? And all of this while maintaining full control over your data?

ConSol RAG+ (Retrieval Augmented Generation Plus) combines efficient and qualified retrieval of information from various data sources with text generation via LLMs. This allows you to benefit from secure RAG applications that keep pace with your AI strategy and provide precise answers to your domain-specific questions – whether as an interactive research or learning assistant, a chatbot in customer support, or aiding complex decision-making processes. When necessary, it can even be supplemented with source citations for the retrieved content.

ConSol RAG+: Contextual Text Generation – Full Data Sovereignty


Efficiency Gains

RAG and AI offer much more than just full-text search: Minimize your time spent on research and data analysis, and get precise answers to your queries in no time.


Informed Decision-Making

Pose the right questions and benefit from reliable decision-making foundations at the push of a button with contextual text generation – if needed, including source citation.


Flexibility and Security

Your RAG applications evolve alongside your AI strategy and are fully automated. This saves operational costs and hassle. At the same time, you retain full control over your data and AI models.


Competitive Advantages

Respond faster to market changes with the help of ConSol RAG+: Clear the path for new business ideas and innovative services – and stay ahead in the competition.

In-depth Answers from Internal Sources – Full Data Control

Information Retrieval (IR) including Data Integration and Management

Whether it's DMS, Wikis, file systems, portals, SQL, or NoSQL databases: we prepare your diverse data sources together with you and integrate them for retrieval. Your RAG+ solution is seamlessly embedded into your existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, we develop precise search algorithms so that relevant information can be quickly found and qualified.

To provide a well-founded answer from the information found in the data repository, the original question is first enriched with the context of the provided data. Subsequently, an LLM (Large Language Model) generates the desired text. If necessary, we set up a private Open Source LLM for you and automate all process steps.

Text Generation via Open Source LLM

Consultation and Customization

We advise and guide you through the implementation of RAG technologies – from initial design to the implementation of your customized domain application.

Even after the introduction of your RAG applications, we remain by your side, ensuring smooth operation so that you can continue to expand your AI world step by step with us.

Operation and Support

GenAI with ConSol: Our Strengths – Your Benefits


Agile and Customer-centric

With the target solution always in sight, our DevOps teams preferentially develop your GenAI solution in an agile manner, in short sprints, and in close collaboration with the key stakeholders in your organization.


Open-Source Enthusiasts

We have been immersed in various open-source frameworks for decades and are well-connected within the communities. In the field of AI, we rely on established LLM platforms such as Llama 3 or Mistral.


Cloud Competence

To provide a reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure, we specialize in Red Hat OpenShift, AWS, and Azure. You benefit from our corresponding partnerships.



Trust in our comprehensive expertise gained from over four decades of project experience in IT infrastructure, software development, cloud and virtualization technologies, artificial intelligence, and IT consulting.

We support companies in their digitalization efforts with tailored IT solutions. That's why we now also offer comprehensive services around Generative AI. From implementing your open-source LLMs to developing RAG applications using your own private data.

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