1.000 New Microservices

at the Push of a Button


ConSol Microservice Factory is the perfect solution for companies working already with a software architecture based on microservices and looking to develop their solution considerably. We offer support on their way towards increased data exchange and data processing – without any security gaps.

We scale your existing solution without major programming efforts and therefor without friction losses in your everyday business. We start by analyzing your existing software packages (e. g. Spring Boot or Quarkus), based on this we then will create a sample service as a blueprint. Based on these highly variable input parameters, we will be able to dynamically reproduce this sample service any number of times using ConSol Microservice Factory.

(Not only) Microservices out of the box

And even more: ConSol Microservice Factory not only generates source code but also supports test code and environment-specific configuration settings. It also serves CI/CD technologies like Maven, Gradle, Git, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift. At the push of a button, ConSol Microservice Factory also generates documentations based on Word-, Excel-, PDF-, Markdown- and Confluence templates.

You see: Automatically generating code, configurations, tests, pipelines as well as documentations saves development resources, time, errors, and money – it simply is also fun for you and for us!

Microservices: Your Possible Savings with the ConSol Factory

Just after a short runtime of ConSol Microservice Factory, expenses amortize compared with the expenses for extending monolithic systems (e. g. ESB product solutions) or with recurring new manual installations of microservices.

Microservice Factory: Your Advantages at a Glance


Amortization of your initial investment after about 20 new microservices


Generation of microservices, tests, documentations – mostly without manual rework


Significant reduction of development expenses


Quickly measurable saving of expenses and low error rate


Services in time – timeliness


High homogeneity of microservice landscape

More than
200 customers
trust ConSol for their IT & software

Our Packages for Your Microservice Expansion

With ConSol Factory, you have multiple options: We provide the matching service according to the size of your scaling project: From „proof of concept“ to „microservices unlimited” we will map your requirements. For our future cooperation, you will always be able to rely on our 7 basic agile principles of software integration.

Small Factory for <25 Microservices
Large Factory for >25 Microservices
Complexity of sample microservice (number of integrations and endpoint protocol variants)up to 25 / max. 4unlimited / max. 8
ConSol Software Architects + Engineers21 + 21 + 3
Perio4 weeks8 weeks12 weeks
Knowledge Transfer and Analysis of Current Status
Handover of one or more microservice blueprints (e.g. Spring Boot and Camel)
Transfer of existing unit and integration tests
Transfer of other source codes
Transfer of environment-dependant parameters
Templatizing the Sample Microservices
Build Files (Maven, Gradle)
Static data
Dynamic file names
Dynamic file content (up to 10 files)
Dynamic file content (up to 50 files)
Routing with up to 4 different endpoint technologies
Routing with up to 8 different endpoint technologies
Transformation (XSLT or Apache Freemarker)
Environment-dependent parameter
Unit tests
Integration tests (e. g. Soap-UI, TestContainers, WireMock, Citrus)
Documentation (e. g. Word, Excel, PDF, Diagramme, Confluence, Markdown)
Generation of Microservices
up to 4 microservices
up to 10 microservices
up to 30 microservices
Presentation and Knowhow Transfer
Presentation of results
Recommended actions
User training for developers
Rough residual cost estimate for further expansion stages (+/- 30%)
Exact residual cost estimate, fixed-price offer upon request

You need a comprehensive hassle-free solution or services and components on a smaller scale?


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