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Whether you need a comprehensive hassle-free solution or services and components on a smaller scale: We design our various packages exactly according to your requirements.

With the ConSol Integration Packages Basic, Plus & Premium, your individual solutions act as one big whole.


Integration Audit

  • check of up to 4 existing software systems
  • check of up to 8 existing use cases
  • check of existing integration solution
  • check of existing tests
  • presentation of the results and recommendations for action
  • … and more

Situation & Requirement Analysis plus POC

Basis-Package – additionally:

  • check of up to 6 existing software systems
  • check of up to 12 existing use cases
  • requirement analyses (up to 6 systems & 12 use cases) as part of workshops
  • 1 POC for 2 software systems & 1 use case
  • support for end-to-end integration
  • rough estimate of remaining costs
  • … and more

Carefree Package and POCs for Multiple Systems

Basis-Package – additionally:

  • check of up to 10 existing software systems
  • check of up to 20 existing use cases
  • requirement analyses (up to 10 systems & 20 use cases) as part of workshops
  • 1 POC for 3 software systems & 3 use cases (ready for production)
  • support for end-to-end integration and productive rollout
  • precise estimate of remaining costs and fixed price offer
  • … and more

Local Integration Gateway – a Bridge Connecting External Users and Internal Backend Systems

By implementing the Local Integration Gateway (LIG) for one of the world’s largest telecommunication groups, ConSol created a comprehensive interface solution. LIG controls the external access – e.g. of shops, branches or contracting partners – to internal systems and applications. The solution is based on up-to-date microservices, processing queries efficiently and error-free. ConSol experts linked more than 80 systems to the LIG. Meanwhile, the system as a whole is processing about 2.5 million transactions a day.

Integration Starter Package: Comparison of technologies

Messaging, SOAP and REST web services – these are the methods we usually choose, depending on the application. The following table illustrates their strengths and weaknesses.

 SOAP WebservicesREST WebservicesMessaging
Message FormatNative only XMLXML, JSON, PlaintextXML, JSON, Plaintext, binary data
Routing1-to-1 synchronous communication only1-to-1 synchronous communication onlySynchronous and asynchronous 1-to-1 communication possible
SecurityTLS, basic and digest authentication, WSSTLS, basic and digest authentication, JWTMostly native
Network TopologyStandard HTTP(S)Standard HTTP(S)Special protocols and ports (e.g. JWS)
PerformancePerformance-intensiveLittle performance overheadMaximum capacity (if asynchronous)
Specification / DocumentationDefined specification language (WSDL)Non-binding standardsNo specification syntax specified
SoftwareWeb server with SOAP endpointsStandard web server is sufficientCentral broker and client libraries required
Maintenance and OperationHTTP and XML know-how is sufficientHTTP and XML know-how is sufficientProduct specialists needed

Want more? With the Microservice Factory packages you can scale your solution as required

You can rely on our support from A to Z!


Consulting ...

Together we take a close look: What kind of systems and use cases are already existing, and how does the existing integration solution work? From the insights gained, we will develop the requirements for a new integration solution and then choose the according enterprise integrations patterns. On request, we will provide inhouse workshops in order to train your company’s architects and engineers.


... and Software Engineering ...

Once requirements are defined and the integration architecture is established, we will implement the entire integration solution based on the chosen enterprise integrations patterns. Our solution consists of microservices and of course meets cloud native standards. It is therefore flexibly scalable and can be quickly and easily migrated to a cloud environment. In each project stage, we ensure quality through E2E and integration tests.


... to Operations &

We support you through go-live and further on, if so requested. Upon commissioning of the integration solution, we assume maintenance and operation of the software, both is possible either on-premise or in the cloud. Since we work with open source technologies, the solution remains entirely with you – no vendor lock-in, no license fees.

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