Efficient Systems: Operability and Maintenance

Stable, secure and economical IT systems are the foundation of your commercial success. With containers and microservices, you exploit the advantages of lightweight virtualization. But highly dispersed applications make your IT structure increasingly complex. ConSol is the expert at your side when it comes to the operability and maintenance of your software architecture.

You expect a lot from your IT landscape: maximum availability and flexibility, and at the same time ease of operation, monitoring and maintenance. The hardware infrastructure is one of the cornerstones of a competitive overall structure. Configuring system components manually is time-consuming and can easily lead to errors. That is why ConSol uses Infrastructure as Code (IaC). It enables us to provide you with an automated IT infrastructure, and to scale it flexibly.   

Our four components for best operability



We automate recurring tasks, using tools like Ansible. Automation processes are particularly important when it comes to provisioning and the deployment of system components, ensuring faster and more efficient execution and improving consistency. They lead to a far lower susceptibility to errors than manual configuration.



Centralized, consolidated logging of events is the basis of comprehensive error analysis in complex systems. Tools like Grafana and Loki make it possible to display the logs of numerous applications on a user interface. That enables us to recognize interrelationships between system components better, and identify defects more quickly.



By constantly monitoring all components, we recognize divergencies in a system's behavior very early on and eliminate problems fast. We keep close tabs on all the key metrics and graphics by gathering and displaying them on dashboards. Well-adjusted alerting settings ensure that required actions are signaled, while avoiding unnecessary alarms.



Security is top priority! With tools like SUSE NeuVector built into the workflow, we recognize security weaknesses early and rectify them. Existing vulnerabilities are already covered in the automatic deployment. You can rest assured that your system is permanently monitored at all times.

An external expert perspective often reveals incredible potential for improvement in IT infrastructures—from automation opportunities and efficient monitoring to security aspects within development processes. Benefit from ConSol team's decades of operational experience!

Stefan Fournier
Teamlead IT-Operations

Configuration, Monitoring and Security Tools


We want to make your IT infrastructure even easier to operate. Your project benefits from our decades of operating experience in large and small customer environments.

We are proactive. We evaluate your existing system in workshops and audits. We then tell you how we can optimize your processes with automation, centralized logging and innovative tools, so you can stay a step ahead of your competition.

IT Operability
with a Vision

Operability of Complex IT Systems – How You Benefit


Reduced Costs

When processes are automated, hardware components no longer have to be manually configured. That saves on personnel and reduces operating and maintenance costs.



Repeatable, error-free deployment – a big competitive advantage for your business! Automation improves the performance and reliability of your system.



Centralized logging and constant monitoring mean your IT structure can be monitored permanently. Errors are found and dealt with quickly.



You can relax. Your system is safe from attacks. And new features being released rapidly makes not only you but also your clients happy.

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