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The speed of the digital transformation means you have to be able to act quickly and flexibly with your products on the market. At the same time you have to make sustainable and resilient decisions. In our IT consulting, we develop a vision together with you that is based on the drivers and goals of your business.

Every step we then take together goes towards realizing that vision. We take you to exactly where your business is even more successful.

IT Consulting & Design – the First Steps Toward Your Product


Requirements Workshop

What are the explicit demands on your software and what do you want to achieve with it? We work that out together in a team workshop.



With the Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method we categorize and prioritize the defined demands and record the quality features most important to you.


Walking Skeleton

A vertical cross-section of all the layers of architecture with the most essential parts of a software. This prototype then serves as the foundation for the next steps and changes in plan.


MVP – Minimum Viable Product

After the Walking Skeleton, the MVP is the next step in the evolution of your software. The MVP unites basic functionalities in their simplest form, to find out whether the application is worth it or not.

You are experts in your business, and we are experts in meeting your needs with technology. We consider it important to get to know you personally. In training courses or requirements workshops we use real use cases to jointly figure out a mutual understanding of your needs and the quality characteristics you want in the software.

The result is us designing a Walking Skeleton or MVP for you, before we then enter the build process.

Minimum Viable
also means

Minimum Loveable

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