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Never before have market demands and customer needs evolved as dynamically as today. To stay competitive you have to be able to react to those changes. You are very clear on your project objective. What you lack is the right software. ConSol creates an agile, bespoke IT solution for you that will catapult you toward your goals. 

IT projects always involve a myriad of demands. Together we find out where your main needs lie. Our experts are at your side with everything from individual tasks to the entire project management – all the way from the setup and planning to the staff, risk and change management, and on to the controlling and go-live of your project.

Agile to Your Project Goal – with ConSol


Customer Focus

We love IT. And we love developing innovative and individually customized software. Software that inspires you and adds real value to your business.



In the team we all have the same understanding of how to develop software, and we complement each other. We tackle every IT project with single-minded purpose.



We are there for you. We accept your challenge and take your project all the way through to successful completion. Even in emergencies we don't leave you in the lurch.



Regardless of whether you want us to take care of the entire product development or if you only take us on board for specific sub-projects. We blend seamlessly into every project.

What Agile Working & Project Management Means to Us

At the focus: our customers

We work based on agile principles, orienting ourselves on the values and guidelines of the Agile Manifesto (2001).

At ConSol, everything revolves around you. Your feedback is important to us. Joint retrospectives are the basis for efficient project progress. With your knowledge of your industry and our technological expertise, we together develop an ideal software concept.

Our roadmap: agile, but not disorganized

Building a house is normally a predictable endeavor with clear processes. IT projects are different. In many cases we don't know at the beginning what the "house" will look like when it's done. The demands are defined at the start, but they can change in the course of the project. Our agile teams are perfectly prepared for this. Short iterations enable us to learn from the previous project phases and adapt our roadmap. We can react to changes during the project, allowing for new demands and setting new priorities.

Our promise: an outstanding product

Developed today, deployed tomorrow. We create software in short development cycles and release functional product components fast. Your prompt feedback helps us steer with more precision to the optimal software solution.

Agile Project Management: Procedural Models



Scrum is suited to complex projects like software product development. With it, development steps occur in short, iterative cycles known as Sprints. At the end of each Sprint is a functional product, which is presented to the Product Owner. The next iteration is then realized based on their feedback. Scrum teams regularly share their progress in the Daily Scrum.

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) helps scale large teams.



This agile work model visualizes the individual worksteps, with the Kanban Board as its central tool. On it, all tasks are sorted by stage of progress. The Product Owner then reprioritizes them as required. The goal is to achieve a continuous workflow and a small number of semi-finished products.

There are also Scrum and Kanban hybrids. Scrumban, for instance, combines the structure of Scrum with the visual approach of Kanban.

More Agility for your Business & Project Management


More Flexibility

Agile project management and agile methods like Scrum give you design freedoms all the way up until just before completion. Changes can be made quickly and flexibly to react to changing demands.


Risk Minimization

Agile project management reduces the risks of change or error. Changes don't matter if they are reacted to before implementation. Risks recognized in a Sprint are already accounted for in the next Sprint.


Shorter Release Cycles

Developers focus on subtasks, communicate constantly with each other and request feedback. That is efficient and products are ready for market quicker. A decisive competitive advantage for your enterprise.


Greater Satisfaction

You are directly involved in the development of your product, and get a semi-finished product fast so you can influence its further development, with your feedback being integrated quickly. That is great for you and us.


Higher Quality

Agile methods ensure better product quality. Short development cycles and the insights gained from them mean we deliver continuously usable project units in line with your demand.


Planning Reliability

Every milestone or Sprint results in a piece of software that you can work with. So you can align the results with your expectations very early on and plan your next steps.

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