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A good user experience and an intuitive GUI are the key to whether your customers like using your digital services. Knowing what your users need  and developing a UI-UX to satisfy those needs are decisive for the success of a software solution.

You want to digitalize your business processes and raise their productivity to stay competitive? But you aren't sure whether what you think about usability is the same as what your users think? ConSol accompanies you on your way to an individually customized IT solution that puts the users in focus. Because a good User Experience (UX) and an intuitive User Interface (UI) are today absolutely indispensable.

UI-UX Design at ConSol – Agile, Intuitive & Process optimized



We include the UI-UX design in our considerations from the very first Sprint onwards! And using agile methods we quickly deliver a first Minimum Lovable Product.


Process Optimization

We help you obtain a software solution that is not only user-oriented, it also makes work easier, optimizes processes and increases your productivity.


Practical Experience

ConSol has project experience in nearly all fields of business. Our own product ConSol CM offers a well-conceived user experience.


Service from A-Z

We offer all services from a single source: from user interface design by our in-house agency through to development in the front and back end.

ConSol develops UI-UX-centric, barrier-free Web applications for you, for desktop, tablet or mobile, and for all operating systems. We help you identify the needs of your users and create a user-friendly software solution based on the findings.

We concentrate on what really counts when designing your applications. We make functional, lightweight applications that integrate perfectly into your existing company environment and offer the perfect user experience.

UI-UX means
& Individual Fit

Instead of Complexity


More than
200 customers
trust ConSol for their IT & software

UI and UX: Our Services

1. Process Research

We analyze your processes, and can thus better understand your motivation and existing decision-making channels. Combining that with your vision and goals results in the input for the application's design und user interface.

2. User Research

We look over users' shoulders! That is the best way to find out how the processes actually work.

3. Design

We develop a UI-UX concept on the basis of the research results. It is a simplified draft version of the visual components and screens, so that you can get a first impression of how the software will be to operate.

4. Prototyping

We use prototyping to gain valuable feedback from you early in the loop, and validate new concepts. Your experiences go into the UI-UX design, reducing the need for alterations and cutting development costs.

5. Development

In the development process we work in accordance with agile principles, because applications develop dynamically. Quick results and early feedback are decisive for subsequent development stages, also when it comes to UI-UX design.

6. Testing

Unit and integration tests are key parts of our development concept. With them we validate not only the current development, we also ensure correct functionality for the further development and maintenance. At ConSol we have even developed our own open-source tools for testing: Sakuli and Citrus.

UI-UX Design Made by ConSol: Tools & Technologies

React Native

Top User Experience – For More Efficiency in Your Business Process


Better Orientation

We focus on the data and functions relevant to the specific application case or role. This ensures that users are supported in the best way possible.


Short Processes

The focus on the application case and clear presentation of data means users can reach decisions more quickly, increasing efficiency.


High User-Acceptance

Intuitive software helps users master tasks. A good user experience means they enjoy using the software.


Successful Integration

The new application integrates seamlessly into your existing system landscape, by taking into account corporate design, single sign-on and style.


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