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In our training & coaching workshops we will show you how to use automation tools for infrastructure tasks correctly and how to turn those tools into your virtual employees. We will support you in automating complex manual tasks, which will minimize your system’s error rate.

This way you will save costs and trouble and your employees will be able to concentrate on more important things. Together, we will increase the crisis resilience of your IT infrastructure and your IT environment, because they will be easier to maintain, easier to be reproduced and easier to scale. Interested in IT automation? Just get in touch with us!

Automating IT infrastructure not only saves time and costs quickly, but also reduces error susceptibility. Let’s take a look at your IT together to assess your current situation and identify the steps that will truly benefit you.

Oliver Weise
Head of Platform Engineering

Let’s Automate – Our Training Levels

Before we start the workshop, we will identify the current status of your company’s IT automation. Where is the highest demand and where can we assist and advise you in order to perfect the automation steps already taken? This way, we will give you exactly the support you need. The trainings can take place at our premises, at your site or remote.

Know Your Tools


One-Day Workshop with ConSol Experts:

  • application examples
  • tool classification, a.o.
    • Ansible/Terraform
  • teaching the basics
  • hands-on training
  • best practices, a.o. automation via job scheduling
    • development processes
    • idempotency
    • GitOps
  • Q&A

Plan Your Automation


One-Day Workshop with ConSol Experts:

  • identifying & discussing the customer’s specific application scenarios
    • opportunities and benefits
    • obstacles and risks
    • conceptualizing processes
    • identification of tools suitable for the application
  • rough planning of a preferred application as a prototype
    • scoping of application within the frame of the prototype
    • planning of systems and tools to be used

Build Your Prototype


One-day or Multi-Day Workshop with a ConSol Consultant – depending on the requested scope of coaching:

  • recap preceding learnings & joint development of prototype
    • learning by doing: developing the prototype in "mob programming"
    • testing the implementation
  • targeted result: a prototype’s code & skills the customer can build on
  • "Call your Coach"- contingent including
    • post-training remote support
    • regarding acute problems and questions in automation

Important: Basically, the levels build on one another, but can be booked separately according to the level of automation and knowledge in your company.

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What is IT Automation?

In IT automation and in infrastructure automation respectively, we identify repetitive manual processes and engineer them in software in order to substantially reduce human interference by IT specialists. Digital transformation requires efficient and dynamic IT environments – IT automation is an important tool to make that happen.

Why you should automate IT processes

Advancing digitalization keeps IT landscapes growing. They become more and more complex while the number of application & services in the companies keeps growing. All this creates expenditures, since the overall package requires orchestration, maintenance, updates, fixes, tests, deployments, monitoring and more.

If teams want to meet the demands on speed, reliability and efficient maintenance of IT systems, an automation strategy becomes essential. It will allow you to minimize sources of error and you can spare your experts time they can invest in innovating ideas.

Automate everything?

IT automation usually aims to increase efficiency within the IT departments as well as in the delivery and maintenance of (software) products and their installations. Today, this essentially applies to server-side software but it also relates to client installations. Basically, many processes can be automated and it’s a good idea to address the subject using a holistic approach.

If you are about to migrate legacy systems to the cloud or if you would like to automate deployment, configuration management, application operation, compliance directives etc.: Just determine the interdependency of your systems and how you can make your life as easy as possible with automated processes.

Automation as Boost for DevOps & Site Reliability Engineering

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a DevOps concept originally initiated by Google. It solves operational tasks using software – hence software managing software. The site reliability engineer uses his software engineering knowledge.

And this is where IT automation enters the game, because the SR engineer frees himself of inconvenient repetitive manual tasks by automating them using appropriate tools. It also requires programming experience in order to codify processes correctly or work on the source code of a system. This role makes Dev and Ops grow together even more.

Applications Ops

Service Provisioning:

  • Personal IT services can be offered to users via a self-service portal, executed in the background via automated jobs, no manual tasks involved.
  • The deployment of computing resources can be randomly automated in the public or private cloud. The resources can be automatedly removed after being used.

Software Deployment:

  • Parameterized deployment "playbooks" allow for realizing complex scenarios, like e.g. multiple client installations, each with individual configurations, and remain manageable.
  • Automated mass rollouts of software updates can save a lot of time and manual effort.

Applications Dev

CI/CD and automated deployments:

  • Infrastructure automation plays an important part for effective and reliable processes in the CI/CD environment.
  • Via parameterized "playbooks" individual deployments based on a common template can be rolled out fully automated for each stage of development (e.g. test, user acceptance, production).


  • In the public or private cloud, training and test environments can be arbitrarily created and removed again.

What is defined by code is also documented. These use cases seem familiar? Then our coaching is your perfect solution!

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