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To ensure your IT flexibility and scalability, we rely on a powerful combination of AWS services and open-source technologies for our IT infrastructure. We utilize modern container orchestration with Kubernetes (K8s) as foundation.

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ConSol has been an AWS Technology Partner



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In our setup, we enhance the Kubernetes platform with managed AWS services such as Amazon RDS (PostgreSQL), Amazon S3, and Amazon SQS. These managed services provide us with a highly available and cost-effective foundation for databases, object storage, and messaging services.

To optimize your architecture, we also leverage AWS serverless functions (Lambda) to handle specific tasks cost-effectively. This enables us to use and scale resources based on demand.

Furthermore, we utilize Terraform to establish and manage our entire infrastructure. This approach allows us to achieve a declarative and scalable form of infrastructure automation.

Through this combination of K8s, open source tools, AWS managed services, and Terraform, we create a modern, flexible, and cost-efficient infrastructure that meets the demands of our clients. This serves as the basis for reliable and innovative IT solutions.

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Cloud Solutions – The Benefits



Start small and scale up big. IT resources can be adapted to changing business requirements on-demand with just a few clicks.



Using the cloud raises the efficiency of your processes. Developments can be driven, and applications can be optimized more quickly. That improves customer satisfaction.



Cloud-native architectures offer the flexibility that is needed to stay innovative and competitive in changing markets.


Reduced costs

Whether it be Software or Infrastructure as a Service: a subscription-based pay-as-you-go-model means no need to invest in expensive hardware or software packages.

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