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We believe that application delivery is at the core of digital transformation. ConSol is since October 2020 the only NGINX Preferred Partner in Germany. We are specialized in open source technologies and in making profitable use of them in both development and operations.

As part of the NGINX Preferred Partner Programms we work hand in hand with one of the most professional providers of high-level application delivery solutions. Together we will enable our customers to build applications fast, precisely and absolutety secured.

Create a real-time experience

Data has to be pushed forward. In a technical meaning it has to reach an API endpoint, in terms of usability data has to reach external users or even businesses. Waiting tolerance decreases more and more and according to a NGINX research you need to process an API call in 30ms or less.

You want developers to choose to use your API? Then trust us as a partner for the NGINX product Real Time API and visit the following website to send over a request for an API assessment. Because NGINX technologies can route, authenticate, secure, shape, and cache APIs in less than 30ms.

More than
200 customers
trust ConSol for their IT & software

Together we modernize your application infrastructure and scale your business. Trust in our professional expertise over the whole IT lifecycle and benefit from the comprehensive NGINX capabilities.

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