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ConSol for BMW CNAP

The CNAP project at the BMW Group once again demonstrates that ConSol is an excellent partner for demanding IT challenges. CNAP enables the operation of Connected Mobility Services such as "Connected Car" on a Cloud Native Application Platform. ConSol optimized the operation of these complex cluster environments with great success.

Project Description

In this IT landscape of OpenShift clusters distributed across three geographical regions, hundreds of projects are running. In August 2021, ConSol took over the 24/7 operation of the platform. In addition, the Munich-based IT service provider handles the resolution of User & Monitoring Incidents as well as architectural adjustments. This includes updates to OpenShift clusters and software maintenance. In a very short time, ConSol succeeded in stabilizing the OpenShift infrastructure and transitioning it to smooth operation. Since taking over the project, there have been no disruptive challenges.

  • 1,650


  • 17

    OpenShift clusters

  • 3

    Geographical regions (Germany, USA, China)

Project Targets

Efficient, stable, and seamless platform operation was the main goal when handing over the project to ConSol. This required well-coordinated monitoring processes, which ConSol further optimized.

With over a thousand projects spread across three geographical regions, BMW CNAP is a demanding multi-tenant environment. Ensuring the smooth operation of a large number of business-critical applications was challenging. This also required controlling the number of downtimes and false alarms. Additionally, the transition time was short.



ConSol not only took over the operation but also implemented comprehensive optimization measures to improve the platform's operability. The main focus was on rebuilding the monitoring system. By improving the performance and with the implementation of meaningful monitoring alerts, ConSol successfully reduced the number of false alarms.

Challenges incites ConSol to achieve excellence. Our goal is to deliver the best for our customers. Thanks to ConSol's expertise and optimization measures, BMW CNAP is running more efficiently than ever. The ticket volume has been significantly reduced, by an impressive 66%. With stable operability, the management workload on both sides has been significantly reduced. Since ConSol has been operating the platform, there have been no incident escalations. Customer satisfaction and trust in ConSol's work are high. The responsible department at the BMW Group has been relieved, and Platform-Application-Owners benefit from an improved user experience.


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