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Is your mission-critical application aging and no longer compatible with new technologies? Wondering about the impact of VMware's acquisition by Broadcom on your operating costs, as your workloads still run on traditional virtual machines (VMs)?

Containerization based on microservices is emerging as a future-proof approach for companies of all sizes to modernize business-critical applications. This involves breaking down applications into small services or components, making them easily cloneable, scalable, portable, and efficiently manageable.

Containerization – Technological Foundation for Infrastructure-Agnostic Microservices


Accelerated Deployment & Scalability

We assist you in breaking down your monolithic application and its dependencies into microservices and encapsulating them in containers. This accelerates the deployment, scalability, and management of your services onto the fast lane.


Flexible and portable

Using container technology, we empower you to decouple your applications from the underlying infrastructure. Once developed, you can efficiently, uniformly, and consistently run your workloads anywhere – on-premise or in the cloud.


Modernize without downtime

In parallel with containers, you can also operate traditional VMs on the same container platform – a prerequisite for a gradual and therefore downtime-free modernization of your business-critical application.


Container orchestration

Whether you work with Plain/Vanilla Kubernetes or prefer to deploy and manage your containerized application with OpenShift – we provide you with technological expertise and cross-industry practical experience.

Whether you want to refactor a previously monolithic application into containerized microservices, plan the (re)development of a containerized application, or have questions about Kubernetes and OpenShift: ConSol provides manufacturer-independent, peer-level advice, drawing on years of project experience with Kubernetes, various container orchestration platforms, and cloud solutions.

Avail our tailored services for operation, support, and monitoring of your container solution as needed! And with our extensive partner ecosystem, we quickly have the right solution at attractive terms for any scenario.

Expertise and Partner Ecosystem for All Scenarios

Red Hat Partner ConSol: Our Strengths – Your Benefit


Red Hat Partner – For that Extra Something

As part of our Red Hat Premier partnership, we offer you everything related to OpenShift & Ansible from a single source – from advice on scope and service levels to a tailored solution proposal and to subscription.


Passionate Experts

ConSol specialists are at home in all key IT topics – whether container technologies, DevOps, Cloud-native or CI/CD. As early adopters, our teams of experts always keep an eye on the ball and consistently build up knowledge in new, innovative technologies.


On a Par and Close by

Whether your company is small, medium-sized or part of DAX – cooperating with our customers, we always advise personally and on a par. With offices in Munich, Dusseldorf and Vienna, our consultants are always close by. And, if required, also quickly on site.


More than 40 Years Right There With Our Customers

Benefit from more than four decades of experience gained in diverse customer projects worldwide – from IT operations and monitoring to software development and DevOps concepts. And quite often, open source solutions and Red Hat solutions are part of our agenda.

Premier Partner
for Red Hat

From Open Source to Red Hat Enterprise Solutions: Consulting, Operations, Support & Subscriptions.

Red Hat products bridge the gap between the open source community’s flexibility and the continuity and support of an enterprise solution. Users thus profit from high stability, certified safety, and long maintenance cycles of at least ten years. Go with ConSol's high-level Red Hat expertise – and make the most of Red Hat Solutions in your business.

ConSol is one of the few Red Hat Premier Partners with a focus on Cloud Solutions. Benefit from our current, comprehensive know-how as well as from our best conditions for your Red Hat subscriptions. The Red Hat portfolio we support, includes OpenShift, Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux RHEL, Red Hat Enterprise JBoss Middleware.

More than
200 customers
trust ConSol for their IT & software


OpenShift Experience Right from the Start

You want to simplify and accelerate your software development and deployment? Then rely on the Red Hat development platform OpenShift – and on the practical experience of ConSol experts. Because we've been working with OpenShift since PaaS was first introduced and can offer you Red Hat Premier Partner conditions.


Subscriptions from Red Hat Premier Partner

Red Hat Enterprise Solutions are not licensed, but distributed as subscription. Thus, there are no costs for upgrades or support. As Red Hat partners, we can offer you optimal conditions and certified expertise. Benefit from consulting, product development and support from a single source.


Comprehensive Open Source Competence

Our technical specialists are well connected to the vast Red Hat Enterprise product developer community. This close cooperation enables us to provide you with competent support. From planning your software releases to implementing solutions perfectly tailored to your business.


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