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ESOA, microservices, IoT, big data or digitization – in the future, any of these industry 4.0 trends will be causing growing data exchange between software systems. Yet, what kind of message exchange is future-proof? ConSol is your partner with all the experience it takes in the field of IT integration. We link your systems with independent tools in a way that will make your IT infrastructure work more effectively and more efficiently.

We enhance productivity and collect data completely to allow for exact business analyses. Thus, we ensure your company’s competitiveness. IT integration interlinks your system components in a way that will make your IT structure work seamlessly.

ConSol Integration Packages

Microservices Starter

You don’t have a precise idea of your integration architecture yet? Just use our blueprint to quicky achieve your objective. We recommend a microservice architecture with open-source tools like Spring Boot, Apache Camel, Freemarker, Kafka, Artemis and Zookeeper – all of course cloud-native.

Using ConSol Integration Packages Basic, Plus & Premium, your individual solutions will work like parts of a whole.

ConSol Microservice Factory

ConSol Microservice Factory was developed by us to be used with extending your already existing architecture. We offer many levels – from proof of concept to creating thousands of microservices. While building services, with tests, CI/CD as well as with implementation, we draw on our blueprints.

With the Microservice Factory packages small, medium & large you can scale your solution as required.

Agile Methods: Your Advantages


extraordinary quality

In our integration projects 0-3 defects per software delivery are the rule. You will never have to deal with more than 3 open defects simultaneously. Open defects will be fixed as soon as possible as we hate to postpone problems.


Ordered today, delivered tomorrow

You receive an extraordinarily short "lead time" (or "time to market"). In our projects, we calculate delivery times for interface changes or adjustments to routing and transformation within a few days, in urgent cases we deliver within the same working day.


Scalable and Robust

Thanks to Cloud-Native-Support, our integration solutions are extremely robust, resilient and scalable. Today a thousand requests per day, tomorrow a million? No problem for us and for you.


Minimal maintenance costs

Compared to classic software solutions, we can promise you very low operating and maintenance costs (Opex) in later operation. For a normal working day support, we calculate an annual budget in the range of 5-10 % of the original capex costs.

IT Integration: Technologies & Competences

Apache Camel
Apache Kafka
Apache ZooKeeper

Keeping An Eye on Every Detail

Before an architecture can be operated successfully, numerous technical aspects must be clarified during requirements analysis and consistently implemented with up-to-date technologies. If you fail to see only one of the following details, the entire integration project might fail. Therefore, the design of ConSol’s solution architecture covers all these questions and services entirely.


Available Interfaces

Which interfaces do the systems to be integrated offer? Can information be pushed or does it have to be polled?


Message Format(s)

How do the messages to be exchanged look like? XML, JSON, plaintext, binary data, or proprietary protocols? Is message transformation from one format to another necessary?



To which target system is data forwarded? Is the routing static or dynamic based on the message content?



What are the requirements? Is the communication encrypted? How is the sender authenticated? Is authorization necessary? Do incoming and outgoing messages need to be signed?


Dealing with Errors

Which error scenarios can occur in the systems involved and if errors occur, how should the system react? How are network problems handled? Should automatisms such as retries be used?


Network Topology

Are the systems located in the same or in different network zones? Which elements e.g. firewalls, routers, load balancers, proxies etc. are involved in the communication?



What are the requirements in terms of message size, total data volume, capacity, and latency?


Specification and Documentation

What is the scope of an interface specification – depending on the technology used? What does a perfect and maintainable documentation look like?


Central Middleware Software

Is a point-to-point connection with adjustments in the source or target system sufficient or is a central integration platform necessary? In case of the latter, is an integration product (e.g. ESB) or a lean individual solution recommended?



Are interfaces continuously maintained? Can source and target systems always be installed parallelly in production or are all versions always downward compatible? Which other solutions do exist?


Maintenance and Operation

Which know-how is necessary for the later operation and support? Are there requirements with regard to monitoring, alerting and troubleshooting error scenarios?



Do messages have to be recorded individually? How easily can they be tracked throughout the overall architecture? Are statistics related to desired KPIs?

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