Benefits & ConSol Culture

Everybody belonging to the ConSol team should always feel “at home”, whether working in the office or from home. Every day, we do live solidarity and team spirit and we communicate informally, also adopting a Du-Policy across all levels. At the same time, we watch out for each other’s work-life-balance. Focused project work, the opportunity to take part in joint activities and enough free time are integral elements of our corporate culture. We gladly welcome you if you want to be a part of our team!


  • flexible working hours
  • home office
  • time off in lieu for overtime
  • company pension
  • sabbatical & special leave
  • dog-friendly company: dogs are allowed


  • participation in company profits
  • employee mobile phone as necessary
  • choice of hard- and software
  • free parking
  • bikes & leasing with company bike
  • ConSol apartment in Munich


  • lunch prepared by colleagues for colleagues
  • soft drinks, coffee & tea for free
  • barbecue & chilling on the terrace
  • kicker and table tennis tournaments


  • inhouse- and online yoga
  • massages at reduced fares
  • health day
  • participation in sport events like B2Run
  • discounted fitness membership


  • weißwurst & krapfen for Mardi Gras
  • cake combat
  • summer party with partners & family
  • Wiesn
  • Christmas party with partners & family


  • child care
  • homecare eldercare
  • circumstance coaching
  • parent-child office
  • children’s chess courses

Welcome! Onboarding with ConSol

It starts already
before it starts



Even before your first day you are already part of your team. As soon as your contract is signed, you’re on board. We will invite you to team events or internal events like meetups, and our Dev Day or to academy presentations. It is supposed to help you to get to know your colleagues and become part of the networking faster.

About one week before your first day, you will receive important information via e-mail, i.a. our security guidelines and work regulations. And of course, we will prepare you for your first day with us. We will let you know when you should arrive at the office, where you will have to sign in and who will be your supervisor (persönlicher Vorgesetzter PV) and/or mentor. At that time, your PV will already have created your initial training plan which you will then sort through together.

How Exciting!
Day 1 with ConSol

On your first day with us, your PV and/or mentor will greet you and take you to your already fully installed work place. Also, a small welcome package will wait for you. Then you will be officially introduced to your team. Afterwards, we will take a tour of the office, introduce you to other colleagues, show you all the rooms and pay HR a visit, where you also will be handed your personal key card for the office etc. Then we take a breather and enjoy a relaxed lunch. You also will be introduced to our internal tools & systems and then you will look together with your PV at the details of your individual initial training plan.

Of course, in accordance with the current Corona situation, we always pay attention to the observance of distance rules and appropriate hygiene measures.



During your first four weeks, HR will send you an invitation to our internal event „New Hire“, where you will find out a lot of interesting facts on personnel subjects. You will talk with your PV about the progress of your initial training plan and exchange feedback, also a first target agreement will be discussed. At the all-meeting – our monthly staff meeting – you will have the opportunity to briefly introduce yourself and your position at ConSol.

a ConSoli

During the months up to the end of your trial period, it is common practice that you share and exchange information with cooperating units and cooperate with those teams respectively. Together with your PV you will make sure to follow your initial training plan. For employees in Düsseldorf, a visit with headquarters in Munich is scheduled. During a feedback discussion about half way into your trial period we will review how content both parties are and where there may be room for improvement. During month 4 or 5 we will be conducting an end-of- trial-period conversation. And if all suits both sides, we will be happy to welcome you as a “real” ConSoli!

Development, Professional and Further Training with ConSol



ConSol Akademie is a central part of the ConSol internal training opportunities. Via this platform, colleagues exchange information and train each other. The transfer and exchange of knowledge is an essential part of our cooperation: we do not focus on isolated expertise but instead on a pool of knowledge everybody can fill in and draw from.

Supply and demand are largely self-organized, trainer or participants decide freely if they want to teach a course or take part in one. Each colleague is invited to pick up trending (technological) subjects, report of a project or of an external further training and to share what they learned. This way, ConSol keeps feeling the pulse. Academy trainings take place in presence, online and hybrid.


All ConSol employees have access to a fixed contingent of further trainings, the exact number is being defined in the units and teams respectively. We support the professional further training of our employees in many ways, e.g. by having them take part in workshops, visit conferences or pursue classical continuing education.


On a regular base, ConSol initiates and hosts meetups with various IT subjects like Red Hat OpenShift or cloud-native. Here, IT interested and techies meet for relaxing and sharing, enjoying pizza and beverages.


Twice a year we organize a compact two-day event, the concon (con2): talks and workshops designed by ConSolis for ConSolis. Classic presentation or hands-on: our goal is to continuously train each other and to find new approaches by discussing and asking questions.


Time to look up something or to increase your knowledge on a subject? Our library includes IT classics, future oriented new publications, and publications on specific topics. With free access and available to everybody it is an open invitation to self-study. The library is being continuously expanded, supported by donations of ConSol and ConSolis themselves.


Vocational training or Dual Study Program – both provide a solid foundation for a successful career. We like supporting our trainees and students during this period. For many years, ConSol has been an apprenticing company registered with the Chamber of Commerce. It is important to us, that vocational training is fun, that our colleagues in training actually learn a lot and that they gain expert knowledge as much as social skills. To achieve this, we have mentors at their side they can ask any time when questions come up. We go to great lengths to ensure, that our apprentices and students work at various stations within in the company and take on responsibility as early as possible.

As trainees, you can expect a great interactive initial training and a lot of group work with your trainee colleagues. ConSol will always supply guidance and companionship, at the same time we will give you enough room to grow professionally and personally.

On completion of your training, you will have the task to develop a practical project work which you will eventually present in our Academy, for practice and to get important feedback. Within an Academy’s course, students will also present their Bachelor thesis as well as their final report.

What our colleagues say

Why do I enjoy my work at ConSol so much? Every day I work with motivated and competent colleagues from whom I can still learn something. Everyone here is happy to pass on knowledge - it's pure teamwork! And secondly: We in the team design our projects ourselves and define work tools and processes in such a way that we can work together most productively.

Christian Wied
Head of Software Engineering

I love to get a little further every day and to work efficiently with other ConSolis on customer-oriented solutions. What I like about my job is to continue learning through permanent feedback and to reduce repetitive activities through automation. I can invest the time I gain in more valuable things like quality improvements or new technologies - that's what makes work fun!

Tina Zipperling
Senior Software Engineer

Everyone in my team is an expert in their field, they always inspire me with their know-how. Together, we really make a difference and master the most challenging projects. Nevertheless, fun and togetherness are never neglected – spontaneous team barbecues on the terrace, team events and more are an important part of our culture. Ideas are always welcome!

Zisis Lianas
Head of Unit OpenShift

Starting at ConSol was made super easy for me, because friendly colleagues and my own ConSol mentor helped me to find my way around quickly. My projects were and are very exciting, and I was able to take on responsibility and independent tasks right from the start. I can learn a lot by exchanging ideas with the more experienced ConSolis, but I can also contribute my own suggestions at any time in technical discussions.

Louisa Frison
Junior Software Engineer

It is simply exciting to be able to master technical challenges from other areas in close exchange with top people. In doing so, we combine proven methods with innovation – just as it suits us. What's particularly good is that at ConSol everyone has the freedom to try their hand on unusual terrain and to outgrow themselves.

Kai Hinke
Unit Manager ConSol CM Software

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