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BMW Group is actively working on the development of an edge infrastructure for internal projects. In collaboration with the leading IT service provider, ConSol, they have built and continually improved a "state-of-the-art" Edge Platform, delivering computational capacity directly within their manufacturing facilities, enhancing overall performance.

Project Description

When it comes to extreme performance and low latency requirements, Edge Computing is the solution. BMW Group has deployed a Kubernetes solution based on SUSE Rancher and Harvester as HCI. Hand in hand with ConSol, they have created an innovative infrastructure, allowing BMW to deploy and operate internal customer applications that meet the highest standards of performance, reliability, and security. Additionally, ConSol ensures the flawless operation of the platform.

Project Objective

The objective is to further expand the platform developed by BMW Group and tested in the IT laboratory. It should remain stable, secure, and highly operable within the manufacturing facilities. ConSol not only ensures uninterrupted operation but also continuously enhances the platform, incorporating features like central logging and monitoring. Technical documentation is also part of the effort.

When ConSol took over the project, the platform had optimization potential for business-critical workloads. ConSol's operations experts, working in a unique collaboration with the BMW Edge Team and SUSE developers, have successfully evolved the platform to the point where "Enterprise Production Readiness" can now be confidently asserted.



ConSol recognizes the challenges associated with this edge infrastructure but primarily sees opportunities for innovation. The software components are still relatively new in the market and subject to continuous development. This allows for swift responses to new requirements and continuous improvement. ConSol continuously optimizes the platform based on customer feedback and live operation, ensuring its operability even in this volatile environment.

ConSol, driven by innovation and technological expertise, is playing a leading role in shaping the future of the Bavarian automaker and positioning them at the forefront of digital transformation. The full-service IT provider has successfully delivered a secure and easily operable platform for the BMW Group. Internal BMW customers benefit from a user-friendly infrastructure that enables them to reliably and seamlessly run their workloads.


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